8D and Error Management E-Learning

Multimedia e-learning for hospitals, emergency services, nursing & laboratories for more effective error handling and fewer repeat errors.

Maximum flexibility through digital learning

Dealing with errors is part of everyday business life. Mostly, however, these are fixed “quick, quick” and without structure. Dealing with errors is part of everyday business life. Sustainability is unthinkable in this way. Our high-quality web-based training explains in video-animated clips the basics of 8D reporting and defect management, how to deal with defects, and methods of defect evaluation and root cause analysis. This is a prerequisite for eliminating errors in a well thought-out and long-term manner.

Our online training is aimed at quality management staff, support positions, and lower management levels. The users learn basic knowledge and fundamental method competence, so that they are enabled to work through audit findings independently, as well as to find and sustainably eliminate the causes of errors.

With our web-based training, you create flexibility through free time allocation and reduced working time requirements compared to classroom training due to compressed content transfer.

8D Management Aviation E-Learning and Online Training CBT 4

Core data

  • Duration: approx. 90 min, 6 chapters
  • Just play, video animated e-learning with professional dubbing
  • Automatic certificate dispatch after successful test
  • 4 CME points
  • Price: 99 EUR plus VAT
8D Management Aviation E-Learning and Online Training CBT 1

Target group

  • QM staff + staff positions
  • Employees who have to process audit findings
  • Specialists and managers from administration and production
  • Also suitable for employees in other industries
8D Management Aviation E-Learning and Online Training CBT 3


  • Describes the process of defect recording and analysis
  • Focus on root cause analysis and 8D reporting
  • Review questions between chapters
  • Multiple choice final test with 12 questions from large question pool
8D Management Aviation E-Learning and Online Training CBT 2


  • Understanding of fault classification and causes of faults
  • Knowledge of tools + methods for fault identification, visualization + root cause analysis.
  • Knowledge about the process of error handling according to the 8D procedure
  • Be able to edit 8D reports independently

Chapter contents

Our e-learning on 8D and defect management provides an overview of the most important aspects in this process. This gives new employees insight into the basic expectations of modern failure detection and analysis.

This e-learning is particularly suitable for preparing or supplementing training courses or as a refresher.

  • Introduction
  • Basics Types of faults and causes of faults
  • Fault detection and visualization
  • Error analysis and evaluation
  • The 8D reporting
  • Completion error reporting

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